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she/her | nd | minor | pisces | infp-t | ace + unlabelled

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my media carrd | "real" reviews

hi there! im canadian and my name is ley (but you might know me as 'b0o' !)
i love film more than you could ever imagine. currently, i'm studying to be a film/video editor :)

a bit more info

highlighted r some special interests ^•^

some of my favourite actors/actresses !

i hold my faves accountable and i don't condone any of their problematic actions!!

letterboxd lists for them

some of my favourite directors !

(just to make it clear i like the movies they make not necessarily them as people)

  • james wan

  • tim burton

  • christopher nolan

  • wes craven

  • john carpenter

  • christopher landon

  • leigh whannell

some of my favourite shows !

  • the mandalorian

  • teotfw

  • you

  • new girl

  • shameless

  • stranger things

  • bob's burgers

  • criminal minds

  • obi wan kenobi

  • the office

  • parks and rec

  • b99

  • moonknight

  • kim's convenience

  • greys anatomy

  • jane the virgin

  • the good place

  • the book of boba fett

  • hannibal

some of my favourite (film) franchises !

  • saw

  • friday the 13th

  • marvel

  • halloween

  • star wars

  • the hunger games

  • the matrix

  • pirates of the caribbean

  • scream

  • the dark knight

  • a nightmare on elm street

  • john wick

  • disney (childhood films)

some of my favourite video games !

(i LOVE playing games with ppl especially my faves!! pls dm me if u wanna play together :D)

  • pico park

  • resident evil

  • lego star wars

  • dead by daylight

  • minecraft

  • ibb and obb

  • the last of us

  • animal crossing

  • gang beasts

  • little nightmares

  • limbo

  • inside

if u wanna talk, dm me on discord (bum#3266), pinterest, instagram, or twitter!

im a minor ! pls do not dm me if you are over 27 or under 13 !!

i do NOT like sexual content so i usually skip those scenes in movies, please refrain from sending me NSFW media !

i frequently headcanon my faves as nd when i see myself in them. it is comforting to me to have nd characters.

i use she/her pronouns and i am okay with most nicknames such as girl, girlboss, boi, dude, bro, etc :3

i am neurodivergent, sometimes i need tone tags to understand certain things :)

im born in march, making me a pisces <3

my personality type is infp-t 9w6 :D

basic dni criteria


here are some of my old pfps because i love them so much and im indecisive!! (plus the ones that you clicked on to get here)

ignore the old username LOL

also, i don't edit like this anymore, i focus on film and video editing, these are just from when i made fun little edits and posted them on instagram ! (i also do commissions but they're closed right now!)

timothée chalamet.

hayden christensen.

winona ryder.

oscar isaac.

andrew garfield.

heath ledger.

joseph gordon-levitt.

keanu reeves.

johnny depp.

christian bale.

leigh whannell.

cary elwes.

jesse eisenberg.

river phoenix.

pedro pascal.

you can click underlined text, photos, emojis, and certain words like "video editor", my description under my name, and "LEY !"

hugh dancy.

mads mikkelsen.

joe keery.

Cute Happy Ghost